Elmo Tambourine TAM-20 Servo Power Supplies

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Elmo TAM-20/480VAC stock photo


AC rectifier and capacitor bank power supply for powering servo drives. There are different models for different mains voltages and current output ratings.

Model Numbers

Page 2 of the "Installation Guide" shows the model number scheme ("Catalog Number").

Wiring Diagram

Pages 16-19 of the "Installation Guide" shows the connectors and pinouts.

Pages 22-25 of the "Installation Guide" show the recommended wiring diagrams.



Taken from eBay seller surplus_items_electronic_saver's eBay Item #153019583431, eparts80's eBay Item #362580346197, and eparts80's eBay Item #362580346197 listings.

Replacement Parts

Pluggable Screw Terminal Blocks

DigiKey Part 277-14354-ND.jpg Phoenix Contact 1911868

DigiKey Part 277-1005-ND.jpg Phoenix Contact 1911907

Online Resources

Tambourine-20 - Elmo

Tambourine 20 Power Supply Installation Guide June 2014 (Ver. 1.501)

Tambourine Power Supply Brochure

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