DMM DYN4 Series Servo Drives

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Servo drives made by Dynamic Motion Motor Technology Corporation. They are meant to work with their servos which have absolute serial encoders, however it seems they can be adapted to work with any quadrature/incremental encoder servos.

They support digital position mode control over discrete inputs or RS-232/modbus, as well as velocity mode with an analog input. This makes them easy to integrate with any controller.

Model Numbers

  • Page 5 shows the servo drive model number scheme.

Wiring Diagram

  • Page 9 shows the connector layout
  • Page 10 describes most of the connector pinouts
  • Page 11 details the JP4 "Signal I/O" connector pinout
  • Page 19 shows the JP4 "Signal I/O" schematic style pinout
  • Page 20 details the JP5 "Encoder Output" connector pinout
  • Page 21 shows an overview of the power wiring


  • Page 76 shows the servo drive dimensions.


Online Resources

DMM | NEW DYN2 AC Servo Drive

DMM DYN4 Series AC Servo Drive Instruction Manual [DYN4MS-ZM7-A10A] (Revision: A1.0A 02, December 2018)

DMM DYN4 AC Servo System Selection Guide [A4 2210P1805 EN] (Rev. 01-001, Fall 2018)

DMM DYN AC Servo Drive Modbus RTU Specification [DYNMB1-BL1645-10A] (Version 1.0A, Sept 17th 2017)

DMM DYN AC Servo Drive CAN Specification [DYNCAN1-BL314-12A] (Version 1.2A, March 20th 2018)