Kollmorgen Goldline Series Servo Motors

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Brushless servo motors that come standard with resolver feedback.

Model Numbers

  • Page 44 shows the model number scheme.
  • Page 52 shows the model number scheme again.

Wiring Diagram

  • Page 9 shows the pinouts for the EB-10x-x-11 models.
  • Page 17 shows the pinouts for the EB-20x-x-11 models.
  • Page 25 shows the pinouts for the EB-40x-x-11 models.
  • Page 33 shows the pinouts for the EB-60x-x-11 models.
  • Page 41 shows the pinouts for the EB-80x-x-11 models.


  • Page 4 shows the 10x model specifications.
  • Page 12 shows the 20x model specifications.
  • Page 20 shows the 40x model specifications.
  • Page 28 shows the 60x model specifications.
  • Page 36 shows the 80x model specifications.

Replacement Parts

Power Connectors


Motor receptacle: MS-3122E-14-5P

Cable plug: MS-3116F-14-5S

Compatible cable plug: Amphenol PT06E-14-5S(470)

Feedback Connectors


Motor receptacle: MS-3122E-14-19P

Cable plug: MS-3116F-14-19S

Compatible cable plug: Amphenol PT06E-14-19S(SR)

Online Resources

GoldLine_Motor_Series_Catalog_2004.pdf (source for "GoldLine_Motor_Series_Catalog_2004.pdf")

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