Kollmorgen Goldline Series Servo Motors

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Brushless servo motors that come standard with resolver feedback.

Model Numbers

  • Page 44 shows the model number scheme.
  • Page 52 shows the model number scheme again.

Wiring Diagram

  • Page 9 shows the pinouts for the EB-10x-x-11 models.
  • Page 17 shows the pinouts for the EB-20x-x-11 models.
  • Page 25 shows the pinouts for the EB-40x-x-11 models.
  • Page 33 shows the pinouts for the EB-60x-x-11 models.
  • Page 41 shows the pinouts for the EB-80x-x-11 models.


  • Page 4 shows the 10x model specifications.
  • Page 12 shows the 20x model specifications.
  • Page 20 shows the 40x model specifications.
  • Page 28 shows the 60x model specifications.
  • Page 36 shows the 80x model specifications.

Replacement Parts

Power Connectors


Motor receptacle: MS-3122E-14-5P

Cable plug: MS-3116F-14-5S

Compatible cable plug: Amphenol PT06E-14-5S(470)


Motor receptacle: MS-3102E-18-10P

Cable plug: MS-3106E-18-10S

Feedback Connectors


Motor receptacle: MS-3122E-14-19P

Cable plug: MS-3116F-14-19S

Compatible cable plug: Amphenol PT06E-14-19S(SR)


Motor receptacle: MS-3102E-22-14P

Cable plug: MS-3106E-22-14S

Feedback Cover


On the inside of the plastic cap that covers the feedback area of the motor, there is a boss with an O-ring to seal against a bore in the main body of the motor:

  • 101.4mm OD boss mating with a 104mm final ID tapered step-down
  • 105mm with O-rings installed?
  • O-rings measured ~1.7mm thick

Possible replacements:

Oil-Resistant Buna-N O-Ring, 1.5 mm Wide, 100 mm ID | McMaster-Carr

Oil-Resistant Buna-N O-Ring, 2 mm Wide, 100 mm ID | McMaster-Carr

Oil-Resistant Buna-N O-Ring, 2 mm Wide, 102 mm ID | McMaster-Carr



Output shaft side bearing marked:

  • 47mm OD
  • 25mm ID
  • ~12mm thick
  • double shielded

A compatible replacement:

Ball Bearing, Shielded, Trade No. 6005-2Z, for 25 mm Shaft Diameter | McMaster-Carr

There is a 52mm OD 47mm ID ~2.5mm (2.4 - 2.7?) thick O-ring to seal the outer race of the bearing against the bore it's pressed into, similar to this:

Oil-Resistant Buna-N O-Ring, 2.5 mm Wide, 47 mm ID | McMaster-Carr

The bearing is pressed into the front face plate on the motor, a casting embossed C-64180-4 and with C-64135 written in permanent marker (for the bearing?). This plate has an O-ring to seal a boss into a mating bore with a ~110.5mm final ID tapered step-down. That boss has a 108.5mm outer diameter, and the O-ring is ~2mm thick. The following might be suitable replacements:

Oil-Resistant Buna-N O-Ring, 2 mm Wide, 109 mm ID | McMaster-Carr

Oil-Resistant Buna-N O-Ring, 3 mm Wide, 108 mm ID | McMaster-Carr

There is supposed to be an oil seal in the 35mm diameter 7mm diameter bore in the lip retaining the front bearing. It should seal onto the 24.6mm shoulder on the shaft. Here are some possible replacements:

Spring-Loaded Rotary Shaft Seal with Wiper Lip, for 25 mm Shaft Diameter and 35 mm Diameter x 7.3 mm Wide Bore | McMaster-Carr

Spring-Loaded Rotary Shaft Seal, for 25 mm Shaft Diameter, 25 mm ID x 35 mm OD | McMaster-Carr



The locknut that secures the resolver to the shaft is marked "KM-04", similar to this:

Carbon Steel Bearing Retaining Nut, Chamfered Face, M20 x 1 mm Thread Size | McMaster-Carr

Snap Rings


External retaining rings that go into grooves on the 25mm shaft, serving as a shoulder for the bearings to bottom out on:

External Retaining Ring, for 25 mm OD, Black-Phosphate 1060-1090 Spring Steel | McMaster-Carr

Online Resources

GoldLine_Motor_Series_Catalog_2004.pdf (source for "GoldLine_Motor_Series_Catalog_2004.pdf")

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