Hitachi SJ Series P1 VFDs

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Variable frequency drive (VFD) series made by Hitachi. Useful for powering spindles of CNC routers.

Factory reset

To perform a factory reset of the VFD, set the following parameters in this order:

  1. set Ub-01 to 04
  2. set Ub-02 to 02
  3. set Ub-05 to 01
  4. (wait for initialization to complete)

Modbus control

VFD parameters

Name Value Default Description
AA101 08: RS-485 01: Ai1 terminal speed command source
AA111 03: RS-485 00: FW/RV terminals operation command source
CF-01 05: 9600 baud 05: 9600 baud RS-485 baud
CF-02 1 1 Modbus slave address
CF-03 00: no parity 00: no parity RS-485 parity
CF-04 1 1 RS-485 stop bits
CF-05 04: deceleration stop 02: ignore RS-485 communication error handling
CF-06 2.00 seconds 0.00 seconds RS-485 communication timeout time
CF-07 2ms 0ms RS-485 communication waiting time
CF-08 01:Modbus-RTU 01:Modbus-RTU communication method

Modbus coils/registers



# turn on output
./mbpoll /dev/ttyUSB0 1 -b 9600 -s 1 -P none -a 1 -r 1 -t 0 -B

# turn off output
./mbpoll /dev/ttyUSB0 0 -b 9600 -s 1 -P none -a 1 -r 1 -t 0 -B

# write 60Hz output frequency as Hz * 100 (2-place fixed point in decimal)
./mbpoll /dev/ttyUSB0 6000 -b 9600 -s 1 -P none -a 1 -r 10502 -t 4:int -B 

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